Just don't happen.

     The Bylaws below, began as well thought out proposals that were approved for the benefit of our members and our association.  From time to time, members have submitted proposals for amendment(s) and modification(s) to the By-Laws committee.   

     The Bylaws committee determines which proposals are worthy to present to the Executive Council.  From that point the Executive Council will make a decision if the submitted Proposals are worthy of putting it to a member's vote at the reunion. 

     At this time, I am seeking 4 volunteers to work with me and two Executive Council members to be part of the Bylaws committee.  If you would like to be part of this important mission please contact me at
     I want to thank you for your time with the hopes of your participation.

John C. Blevins
Co-Host/Executive Council Member




















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A.  Board of Officers shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Webmaster, Ships’ Storekeeper, Memorial Director,

      and Newsletter Editors. 


B.  Offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer

     shall be filled by election of the members.  All other Offices stated are by appointment.




A.  The Executive Council shall consist of all members that have previously performed the duty of Reunion Host/Co-Host along with the current

      Board of Officers.  If there is a discrepancy between the Board of Officers and the Past-Hosts, the Past-Hosts will be the ruling authority.


B.  The Executive Council shall preside as an advisory board and have final approval of all changes/amendments to Bylaws, as stated within this

      document, before presentation to voting members.


C.   The Executive Council may recommend changes/amendments to the voting members as required.   





A.    The USS HECTOR ASSOCIATION, hereinafter called “THE ASSN” is hereby established with headquarters in residing city of the

        Secretary/Treasurer.  The Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, has assigned Entity Identification Number (EIN) 06-1734272 (for

        banking purposes) as a Non-Profit Organization with a non-interest bearing account.  THE ASSN does not maintain “tax exempt” status.


B.    The headquarters location and EIN may be changed from time to time by vote of the members




A.   The objectives of THE ASSN are to further the bonds of friendship for all who served on board, or were serviced by, the HECTOR during her

       service life in times of national emergency and/or during periods of peace.




A.   Regular membership is open to any veteran of the military service of the United States who served on board the HECTOR at any time during

       her commissioned service, paying in advance Reunion-to-Reunion (every two years) dues as established by paragraph D below, and complying

       with the Bylaws of THE ASSN now or hereinafter in effect.


              1.  There shall be two classes of Regular membership:  Active and Inactive.

                   (a) An Active member is one in good standing and whose dues are current.

                  (b) An Inactive member is one whose dues are not current.  An Inactive member may be listed on the website and roster, but will not be

                       eligible to vote and/or hold office.  Said member may not receive any newsletters/communications/mailings, etc.  Should an Inactive

                       member be reinstated by payment of dues they shall be eligible to vote and hold office.


B.   Associate membership (no voting privileges) is open to friends and family members of Active members. It is also open to military veterans of

       units serviced by the HECTOR.  Associate membership is subject to payment of dues as prescribed for Active Members. 


C.   Honorary membership (no voting privileges) is open to surviving spouses of deceased Active Members and is exempt from payment of dues.


D.  Dues are hereby established in the amount of fifteen dollars ($15.00) from Reunion-to-Reunion (every two years) renewable at the time of each 



E.   Where a husband and wife were both assigned to the ship, and maintain the same mailing address, only one will be required to maintain Joint

      Active membership by paying dues.  In cases of aforementioned Joint Active membership, both husband and wife will have separate

      and equal voting privileges.  Should death/divorce/separation/etc. change status, the non-paying spouse will be eligible to become active

      through payment of dues as stated in paragraph D or, in event of death, assume Honorary Membership status as stated in paragraph C.


F.   Lifetime membership, with full voting privileges, shall be granted to any member serving as Host and/or Co-Host of a reunion.   Life 

      membership shall also be granted to any Association member serving in any named service for a period of four years, or two reunion cycles, who

      have not hosted or co-hosted a reunion.






A.  The Active Members present at the reunion shall elect a President, a Vice-President and a Secretary/Treasurer.  Only Active Members will be

      eligible for election to office. The officers shall have such powers and authority and shall perform such duties as are prescribed by these Bylaws

      and otherwise as are usual to such offices.  The officers shall serve for a term of two (2) years or until a successor is duly elected. 


B.   Any office may be suspended by THE ASSN whenever in its’ judgment the best interests of THE ASSN would be served thereby.  Such

      suspension shall be by majority vote of THE ASSN.  Except as provided in paragraph D of this Section, a vacancy in any office because of death, 

      resignation, removal, disqualification, or otherwise, the remaining officers, subject to the approval of THE ASSN, shall appoint an Active

      Member to the unexpired portion of the term.


C.   The President shall be the principal executive officer of THE ASSN and shall, in general, supervise and control all the business affairs of THE

       ASSN.  He/she shall preside at all business meetings and shall, for all purposes, be deemed the Chairperson thereof.  He/she will make

       committee appointments as required and specifically appoint a By-Laws Committee to accept/review/advise on By-Laws



D.  The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, or his/her inability or refusal to act, perform the duties of the President.  The Vice-

      President shall perform other such duties as may be assigned to him/her by the President.  The Vice-President shall, upon the death,                 

      resignation, or removal of the President, assume the position of President for the remainder of his/her term.


E.  The Secretary shall perform the duties set forth below:

          1.  Shall keep and preserve a true and correct record of all business meetings conducted at the Reunions and transmit copies as directed by

               the Executive Council.

          2.  Maintain an up-to-date roster of all members and provide updates of roster entries to

               anyone in a “need-to-know” position (i.e., Newsletter editor, Webmaster, etc.)  

         3.   Ensure that all notices are provided to members, and in general, perform all the duties incident to the office of Secretary and other such

               duties as may be assigned to him/her by the President.


F.  The Treasurer shall maintain custody of all funds of THE ASSN; be responsible for such funds; and the receipt and disbursement thereof.  He/she

     shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in accounts of THE ASSN and shall deposit all monies in the name of and to

     the credit of THE ASSN.  He/she shall disburse the funds of THE ASSN as may be required for normal operations, and shall render to THE ASSN

     at its’ biennial reunion an accounting of all transactions, the financial condition of  THE ASSN, and a full financial report based on the records

     maintained during the two (2) fiscal years.  Perform all the duties incident to the office of Treasurer and other such duties as may be assigned to         him/her by the President.


    Upon resignation of the Secretary or Treasurer, or the election of a new Secretary or Treasurer, all records, receipts, accounts and funds shall be

    audited by a committee appointed by the President.  Upon acceptance by the committee, all records, receipts, accounts and funds shall

   immediately be rendered to the newly appointed Secretary/Treasurer.




A.   THE ASSN shall hold a reunion every two (2) years at such time, date and place as may be determined by a majority vote of members in attendance at the present reunion.


B.   The reunion shall be open to attendance by the membership and guests as defined in these Bylaws.


C.   The membership and their voting rights, as concerns business during the reunion, shall be as follows:

          1.  Each Active member shall be entitled to one (1) vote.

          2.  The members shall be entitled to be heard on each and every subject to come before the membership.

          3.   A secret ballot shall not be permitted upon any vote called for at the reunion.  Casting of votes shall be by show of hands.

          4.  Honorary/Associate/Inactive members shall not be eligible to vote.

          5.  Members present at a reunion shall constitute a quorum.  A simple majority vote shall decide issues placed before them.


D.   Members shall be solicited to volunteer to host the next biennial reunion.  In general, the time frame of mid-September to early October is established unless that time frame is a particularly busy time for the area in which the reunion is to be held.  In the event more than one Active Member volunteers to host, a vote will be taken to select the location.  Responsibilities for the Reunion-Host are as follows:


         1.  Appoint Committees as needed.   Committees are required to requestprior approval of the Host for any obligations/expenditures by said                 committee. 

         2.   Select a hotel/motel in his/her area of residence considering the room rates, hospitality room availability, banquet facility and overall                           condition of cleanliness and appearance commensurate with the high standards of THE ASSN. He/she is authorized to enter into a                             contract with the hotel/motel in the name of THE ASSN.

         3.  Provide beverages and snacks for the hospitality room; arrange for tours, entertainment, photographer and banquet menu; provide name

               tags for all attendees; and, in general, organize and supervise the events of the reunion.

         4.   Prepare Reunion Registration Forms for insertion with newsletter mailings to Active members.  Form must state the registration fee (as   

               established by the members at prior reunion); tours (with cost per person); scheduled activities, etc.

         5.  Complimentary rooms offered by the hotel/motel shall be assigned as follows:

                   (a)  First Choice – Designated Host/Co-Host

                   (b)  Second Choice – Secretary

                   (c)  Third Choice -- Treasurer

                   (d)  Fourth Choice – Discretion of Host      

E.   Members intending to attend the reunion shall submit Registration Forms/Fees and tour costs to the Treasurer, payable to the USS Hector 

      Association. Treasurer will maintain a roster of all completed registration forms and tours until cutoff date for registrations.  At cutoff date                    he/she will forward all registration information to the Host. Host will forward payment vouchers for required expenses to the Treasurer as

      needed.  All biennial dues are to be forwarded directly to the Treasurer, with notification of receipt by the Treasurer to the Secretary.


F.    In the event there is no volunteer to host the next reunion, a location will be selected by vote of members present.  Travel expenses to and from

      the selected location will be provided from THE ASSN account for the Secretary and/or Treasurer, or another individual(s) selected by the

      officers, to make arrangements for the reunion.







The fiscal year of THE ASSN shall begin on the first day of January and end on the last day of December in each year for tax purposes.




A. The revenues of this Association shall be obtained through the collection of dues, sales of specialty goods, receipts from events and donations.


B.  The expenditures of this Association shall be for the direct pleasure/comfort of the Active members attending the biennial reunion.  This would include, but not limited to, costs incurred for specialty goods/events/trips/hospitality etc.  This would also include costs of mailings (printing/copying/postage), as well as, costs incurred for memorial plaques/services.




In the event of personal injury and/or loss or damage to personal property during the course of a reunion, neither the Host, THE ASSN, nor any officers thereof shall be held liable.




In the event THE ASSN was to dissolve or cease to exist, no person or persons shall obtain or profit from any funds and/or properties acquired by and/or remaining in THE ASSN.  The funds of THE ASSN cannot be divided in any manner amongst members, individually or collectively, but shall remain the property of THE ASSN for its’ legitimate purposes while a minimum of seven (7) Active Members remain therein.


Should THE ASSN finally dissolve for any reason, all funds/properties remaining shall be donated to the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society, Washington, D.C.  All historical documents shall be donated to the Naval Historical Foundation, Washington, D.C.





Any proposed amendment(s), modification(s) or repeal(s) of any portion of these Bylaws must be submitted to the By-laws Committee at least sixty (60) days prior to Reunion Membership Meeting.  The Bylaws Committee will recommend approval or rejection before presenting to the Executive Council.  Executive Council will determine if proposed change(s) are to be presented to membership for approval or rejection.


Any proposed amendment(s), modification(s) or repeal(s) presented to the members will require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote for approval.  Any rejected by the members can not be resubmitted until the next biennial reunion.