15 September 2022

0600-1000 Breakfast

0815 Depart from hotel

1030 Arrive at NYC

Heading 3

Before Journeying in Manhattan

please be advised that our bus

will be making only two stops. 

One will be at the 9/11 Museum

the other at the USS Intrepid.   

There is a lot to see in Manhattan's Downtown and Midtown locations. Time will not allow you to see all that you want to see.  Be mindful of your time.  The bus will not wait for stragglers.  The last thing you want to do is

                            Miss Ship's Movement

It is advisable to visit each attraction's website for ticket pricing and other more specific information. 

 Downtown Manhattan - West side


9/11 Memorial Site & Museum

A tribute to the past and a place of

hope for the future — the 9/11

Memorial Plaza is alive with twin

spirits of remembrance and renewal.

The museum serves as the country’s

principal institution concerned with exploring the historic implications of that tragic date.  For more information click on the photo.

           Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a colossal

neo-classical sculpture on Liberty

Island in New York Harbor.

The copper statue was a gift from the

people of France to the people of the

United States.  Ferries to the Statue

of Liberty are located at Battery Park.

9/11 museum to the ferry is 0.9mi. 

For more information click on the 


  Downtown Manhattan - East Side


                 Trinity Church

The first church was lost in New

York’s Great Fire of 1776 and the second

was demolished in 1839. Trinity's

churchyard is the final resting place of

Alexander Hamilton and features historical

memorials and monuments.  For more

information click on the photo.

         St Paul's Chapel

St. Paul's Chapel is a chapel

building of Trinity Church, an

episcopal parish. Built in 1766, it is

the oldest surviving church

building in Manhattan and one of the

nation's finest examples of Late

Georgian design.  For more information click on the photo.


               Federal Hall

Following the Revolutionary War,

New York City was established as

the U.S. Capital and the former

New York City Hall building

became Federal Hall. Enlarged to

house the First Congress, it was here

on April 30,1789 that George Washington was inaugurated as the nation’s first president and the first US Congress passed legislation to establish two cornerstones of American democracy – the Bill of Rights and the Federal judiciary system.  For more information click on the photo.


            South Street Seaport

The South Street Seaport is a

historic area adjacent to the

Financial District. One of the places

where New York’s nautical history is

most evident is the South Street

Seaport. Today, you will find historic

ships, stunning views and landmark buildings that date as far back as the late 1700s.  For more information click on the photo.


            Fraunces Tavern

This building is most famous

as the site where on December 4,

1783, George Washington gathered a

group of his officers, nine days after

the last of the British troops left

American soil. He gathered them to thank them for their

service and bid them an emotional farewell before returning home. The only first-hand account of the farewell comes from The Memoirs of Colonel Benjamin Tallmadge, which Fraunces Tavern Museum has on display. Fraunces Tavern Museum is the only Museum in New York City that allows visitors to discover the American Revolutionary past in NYC's oldest standing structure.  For more information click on the photo.

The following mileage chart and map are provided to give you an idea of where you're at, what's nearby and distance.

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Lower Manhattan milage chart.png

1715 Depart from NYC

1930 Arrive at hotel

1939-2200 Dinner at hotel